Why do soccer players shave their bodies?

While there are obvious advantages for players in other sports like swimming, cycling and running to remove body hair, that never seem to be the case for soccer players. Then why do they do that?

It does not impact their performance and they never seemed to care in in the beginning of the century. So, why not. It might have derived from the metro-sexual era and the cult to the six-packs.

One of the most popular show-off after scoring is players showing off their chest. They won’t be able to flash their six-packs if the upper is thoroughly covered with hair.

Back to the beginning of the century, it all might have started with David Beckham posing for Armani. The famous ad was nearly everywhere and the Beckham’s popularity fueled by the sexiness of the Armani’s brand appeared to be the obvious choice for the rest of the mere mortals.

After that swift in fashion, everyone started grooming their chest hair. Many other famous soccer players followed suit. Many of them have been modelling for famous brands and wanted to show off as well.

Armani the contracted Kaka from Real Madrid. Then went with Christiano Ronaldo replaced them as spokesmen for the brand.

More and more men around the planet are becoming more self-conscious about their bodies. After all showing a six-pack requires a lot of effort and huge (gourmet) sacrifices. Why not flaunt them off at every chance and ESPECIALLY when you are the star of the even and have just scored a goal?

So, taming chest hair is purely optional (but apparently preferred). However, many clubs require their players to shave their legs and even arms hair. The reason behind this is that is it easier to receive massage if you are hurt in the game, the wound is easier to see and treat and the opposite players won’t get the chance to annoy you by pulling your hairs while you are near them.

So, in one word. WHY? Because it is FASHIONABLE and you can easily flash the six-pack. Women find it extremely sexy.

Want to be like them? Be sure to have cleanly shaven face as well, a good haircut, and get your nose and ears hairs in order. Get the necessary grooming supplies online here or even join a shaving club, but make sure you are always long at your best.

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Top 10 Football Jokes

  1. University humor
    What do you say to a University football player dressed in a full three-piece suit? “

”Will the defendant please rise.”
  2. Keeping to the rules of the game
    “The rules of soccer are very simple, basically it is this: if it moves, kick it. If it doesn’t move, kick it until it does.” P.Woosnam. It become a symbolic quote. At the time the Premiership teams were full of players that had little formal education, but were extraordinary good players. Somebody had to explain the rules so they could understand. The Welsh manager did it extraordinary well. *football fan
  3. Don’t judge anyone before walking in his shoes

    I wish everyone who loved football could stand in the quarterback’s shoes just for a play, because I think it would be tremendously humbling to anyone who loved the game to say, “I didn’t — I had no idea.”
    – S.Young. One may think what it’s like. One may speculate what it’s like. One can even get a sense of what it’s like given the good perspective today’s cameras are able to give. However, if you haven’t really tried it yourself, it is not the real thing.
    You know, living a modern life has made our feet too sensible**, too gentle and underdeveloped, so it is important to try
  4. Looking like animals, but there ain’t no tigers.. Group of opossums hereHow is this (looser) football team like an opossum?

 They play dead at home and get killed on the road.
  5. After loosing a game“If you eat caviar every day it’s difficult to return to sausages.” A.Wenger refered to Arsenal fans after a draw with Middlesbrough
  6. Always look on the bright side of life
    What do you call a [insert random football team] fan with half a brain? 
    A gifted guy! ***

Oh, did you notice that these are not exactly 10… Well, that’s another crappy football joke, courtesy of FMF :)


* Playing Tough: The World of Sports and Politics by Roger Abrams

** Guide to best parkour shoes by FitaholicGear

*** Top 10 Insulting Football Jokes by James Adler – read more here